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The NEDC supports theatre arts in high schools throughout New England by sponsoring the annual New England Drama Festival. The New England Drama Festival provides a showcase for two shows from each of the 6 New England states. These shows are selected through festivals by each state's high school theatre organization. The NEDF includes workshops and forums to foster the education and discussion of theatre among the attending students and directors.

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2015 New England Theatre Festival
Camden Hills Regional High School
Rockport, Maine
Thursday, Friday & Saturday
April 23, 24 & 25, 2015
Contact: Tom Heath
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Camden Hills Photo Tour
Strom Auditorium Website

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Connecticut Drama Association
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Massachusetts HS Drama Guild
New Hampshire Educational Theatre Guild
Rhode Island Theater Education Association
Vermont Drama Council
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Upcoming Dates
NEDC Meetings 4/24&25
at Camden Hills Reg HS
Rockport, Maine
Contact: Tom Heath
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